Trouble Shooting for the S4F/FilterPak

We have listed the most common problems below and also the solutions. If you cannot solve your problem by using our online help page you can always send an e-mail to Please include your full name, your ISP, and your version of Windows.

1. Problem: I'm trying to get images or photos through Google and all image searches are blocked.

Concerning Google "Images". There are certain functions at Google that HB has found necessary to block because of accessible pornography. The "Image tab" is one of these functions. The regular Google web search works fine. If at any time the regular Google web search gets blocked simply restart to your computer to fix the problem.

Solution: You can request to have the "Media Search" blocking category removed from your HB account, or you can request to have a filter "Override password" set up for your HB account.

2. Problem: After installing the filtering I'm not able to do Windows updates or my Anti-virus updates.

Solution: Email HB support at and request instructions for doing a filter uninstall and reinstall to the latest available version of the FilterPak.

3. Problem: Now that I have loaded the filtering I can no longer upload FTP files.

Solution: Disable your Windows Personal Firewall and then try your FTP upload again.

4. Problem: I have Windows XP and I am the administrator of our computer. There are other users on my computer who have their own XP user accounts which are "Limited" accounts. The filter makes these other users sign-in with their HB username and password each time they go to the Internet. How can I get the filtering to sign-on automatically for them like it does for my administrator account?

Solution: For instructions on correcting this problem Click HERE

5. Problem: I have just installed the filtering and some bad sites seem to be unblocked. How do I fix this?

Solution: You may find it necessary to clear your "History files" and your "Cache" (temporary Internet files) for HB to work correctly. Every time your computer goes to a web site that site is saved in both of these files. These sites will continue to be accessible (even though they may be on the HB block list) until they are removed from your files. If something does open that is supposed to be blocked (i.e. an adult site) simply hit the refresh button and it will be blocked from then on.

To clear these files on your computer:

For Internet Explorer - With your Internet Explorer open go to Tools/Internet Options/General Tab and under Browsing History click the Delete button. Then "check" the top 4 check boxes and click the Delete button at the bottom of the window.

If the bad site still opens please submit it for addition to the HB block list by Clicking HERE

6. Problem: I have lost the HEDGEBUILDERS start page called the HB Powerpage. How do I get it back on my browser?


If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Under the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options".
2. Under the "General" look for Home Page".
3. In the "Address" slot type /powerpage
4. Click "OK".

If you are using Mozilla Firefox:
1. Under the "Tools" menu, select "Options.
2. Click the General Tab/Icon.
3. In the Home page slot, type /powerpage
4. Click "OK".

Additional help can be found by going to the HB "Members area" - Click Here

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