Trouble Shooting for HB Mac filtering

We have listed the most common problems below and also the solutions. If you cannot solve your problem by using our online help page you can always send an e-mail to Please include your full name, your ISP, and your Mac operating system.


Problem: I have just went through the Mac installation instructions and loaded the filtering, but it does not appear to be blocking any sites.

Solution: Go back to As you go through the instructions again make sure you have chosen the correct "protocol" on your Network page or"Show" menu (older versions of Mac):

*If you have a dial-up connection choose "Internal Modem".
*If you have broadband choose "Ethernet" or Built-in Ethernet.
*If you have a wireless router choose "Airport".

The filter test page is


Problem: Misc. issues - HB password not being accepted, erratic blocking, speed degradation, dropped connections, etc.

Solution: Try clearing your Mac Cache and see if it fixes the problem?

To do so:
1. From the Safari menu, select Reset Safari... .
2. From the menu, only select Empty the cache and Remove all cookies, then press Reset


Problem: I'm trying to get images or photos through Google and all image searches are blocked.

Concerning Google "Images". There are certain functions at Google that HB has found necessary to block because of accessible pornography. The "Image tab" is one of these functions. The regular Google web search works fine. If at any time the regular Google web search gets blocked simply restart to your computer to fix the problem.

Solution: Email HB support ( for more information on obtaining images.


Problem: I have a good web site that is being blocked, or I have a bad web site that needs to be blocked.

Solution: Email these sites to


Problem: I have just installed the filtering and some bad sites seem to be unblocked. How do I fix this?

Solution: You may find it necessary to clear your "History files" for HB to work correctly. Every time your computer goes to a web site that site is saved in your History files. The bad sites will continue to be accessible (even though they may be on the HB block list) until they are removed from your History files. If something does open that is supposed to be blocked (i.e. an adult site) simply hit the refresh button and it will be blocked from then on.

If the bad site still opens email the site to


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