Trouble Shooting for the HSP (High Speed Proxy Filtering)

As with any computer program there are often installation or set-up problems. We have listed the most common problems below and also the solutions. If you cannot solve your problem by using our online help page you can always send an e-mail to Please include your ISP, the browser you use, and your operating system.


Problem: When I try to send an e-mail message from my Hotmail page I always get an error that states that the "Server has been Reset"

Solution: To rid your self of this problem open your Hotmail account and click on Options/Preferences/ and turn off the "Confirm Sent Messages" function.


Problem: When I surf I keep getting screens that say either "Object Moved" or "Temporarily Moved". Iím then instructed to "click here", but when I do nothing happens.

Solution: You must be using Internet Explorer 4.0. There is a "Proxy Bug' in that browser which sends you to that screen. Microsoft has corrected this problem in their new Internet Explorer version 5.0. For now you can get around it by hitting your F5 key when you get that screen. You should consider upgrading to Internet Explorer 5.0. It is available for free, Click Here


Problem: I have just installed HEDGEBUILDERS and some bad sites seem to be unblocked. How do I fix this?

Solution: You may find it necessary to clear your "History files" and your "Cache" (temporary Internet files) for HB to work correctly. Every time your computer goes to a web site that site is saved in both of these files. These sites will continue to be accessible (even though they may be on the HB block list) until they are removed from your files. If something does open that is supposed to be blocked (i.e. an adult site) simply hit the refresh button and it will be blocked from then on.

To clear these files on your computer:

For Internet Explorer - Go to Tools/Internet Options/General and you will see buttons for clearing both folders.

If the site still comes through please e-mail us with the address and we will add it to the block list.


Problem: I have lost the HEDGEBUILDERS start page called the HB Powerpage. How do I get it back on my browser?


Forg Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Under the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options".
2. Under the "General" look for Home Page".
3. Next to "Address", type /powerpage
4. Click "OK".

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