A+ Internet Filtering for Christians with Accountability and Reporting
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"HEDGEBUILDERS is a Christian not-for-profit organization focused on offering Internet solutions that provide value and protection worldwide since 1996. HEDGEBUILDERS is based in Tennessee, and can be found at www.HEDGEBUILDERS.com.
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Why use HEDGEBUILDERS Internet Filtering over the other filtering products?

Experience. Back when Hedgebuilders starting in the 1990s you could count the number Christian Internet Filtering companies on one hand. Over the years we have seen many come and go: CrossingGuard, FamilyClick, WeWeb, etc. HEDGEBUILDERS was there at the beginning and is still standing strong today.

Reliability. We have users that have been using HEDGEBUILDERS for over 13 years. What makes a person stay with a filtering service for that long? A product that works and works well, and courteous, quality tech support that works with the user to make the filtering work best for their particular needs.

Value. The HEDGEBUILDERS rates have not increased in over 10 years, and there are special discounts for those in ministry and those who homeschool. Currently there is a new user special offer. For no additional charge you will also receive our great Accountability and Reporting program, free tech support with a toll free phone number, Newsgroup filtering, and 23 adjustable blocking categories, with a parental override option available by request.

Security. The HEDGEBUILDERS filtering cannot be uninstalled, deleted, or disabled without contacting HB support for a special uninstall code. This feature protects every member in the home including the person who is the computer administrator. Christian homes can feel secure knowing their children are protected. Christian men can protect themselves from messing up and viewing what they shouldn?t. Christian wives can know their husbands are safe on the web.